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Why Do the Prices of Wrinkle Treatments Vary So Much Between Clinics?

Have you ever wondered why one cosmetic clinic quotes you a much lower price for a wrinkle treatment injection than most other clinics? You might wonder whether the higher-priced clinics are simply ‘ripping you off. However, the other possible explanation is that the higher priced clinics are actually delivering a higher quality service and treatment in a number of respects! Remember the age-old saying: ‘You get what you pay for!’

To prove our point, why not do your own research and find out what you are actually getting for your money? In that way, you can then start comparing ‘apples with apples’.

‘Nurse Injectors’ vs Experienced Cosmetic Doctors

The first question to ask any cosmetic clinic is: ‘Who will be injecting me?’ The prospect of a Nurse Injector may initially sound okay, but remember that Nurses are not trained in facial anatomy as are Doctors. Accordingly, the cost to a clinic using a Nurse Injector is a lot less than having a Doctor perform the same treatment. So, when a clinic uses Nurse Injectors instead of Doctors, they are able to bring the price of their treatments down. However, this may come with higher risks for you. As an illustrative story, one of our patients from Newcastle came to see us in Sydney because she’d had Anti-Wrinkle Injections to her ‘crows-feet’ injected by a Nurse Injector in Newcastle. Not having a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, the Nurse injected a little too low on her cheekbone and paralysed the muscle to her upper lip, making one side of her mouth droop! For a whole three months, people were asking her when she had suffered her stroke! She now vows to never again be injected by anybody but an experienced Cosmetic Doctor!

The Dosage of Product Injected Can Vary

The second question to ask a cosmetic clinic is: ‘How many units of product will be injected into each facial area?’ Correctly customising the dose to each patient’s facial expression muscles is crucial when you’re aiming for the best possible correction and longest-lasting result. At Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we inject at least 20 units into each of the major facial areas, but many other cosmetic clinics will use much less than this. We have always believed that smaller doses will just deliver poorer results. Either the corrections won’t be as good, or they won’t last as long, or both! And then, you’ll need to redo them more often. Therefore, you need to know how many units you’re getting for your money. Quoting you for smaller doses only makes your treatments appear cheaper! Think of it this way: if someone offered to put some petrol in your car for $100, wouldn’t you want to know how many litres they were giving you? It’s the same scenario with these treatments. Always ask how many units you’ll be getting for your money. Then you’ll know the cost per unit of product, and that’s a more reliable comparison. And if they won’t tell you, or you find their answer is evasive, find a clinic that will!

Our recommended starting dose for the best possible and longest-lasting corrections in each of the major treatment areas of forehead, frown and crow’s feet is always 20 units. This approach has always delivered the best possible corrections into each of the major cosmetic facial areas: Forehead, Frown, and Crow’s Feet.

At the Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic we only use what we believe are the best quality brands of anti-wrinkle injectables.

A Cheaper Brand of Product May Be Offered or Substituted

A less costly brand of Anti-Wrinkle Product may be the explanation for a cheaper price. The principle difference with the cheaper product is that 4-5 x the dosage of the other brands to get an equivalent result. For example, if you need 20 units of our product, you’ll need 80-100 units of the cheaper product to get a similar result. That may not sound that important, but unfortunately, when you use larger volumes of product, there is a greater chance of it spreading to adjacent muscles that you really don’t want to weaken!

Are Illegal Products Being Offered?

Be wary of any non-medical people offering illegally imported, non-government-approved products. These products can be dangerous and there have been a number of reports of serious reactions and severe facial infections from such non-approved products.

Reassuring History!

Our Clinic was the first to introduce the cosmetic use of Muscle-Relaxing Cosmetic Treatments for facial wrinkles into Australia way back in 1994 and therefore we have the longest experience with it!




Sydney Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic is no newcomer. In fact, we are one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic clinics established over 30 years ago. These days, we have a team of experienced doctors offering the full spectrum of cosmetic procedures to meet the needs of every patient.

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