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Body Contouring Surgery

Your complete guide and quick links to everything you need to know about Body Contouring Surgery in Sydney!

What Is Body Contouring Surgery?

When people undergo major weight loss, they are often left with large amounts of excess loose skin that simply will not shrink and disappear.

Body Contouring Surgery is a surgical procedure to remove folds of excess loose skin from the abdomen, hips, waist, upper buttocks, upper torso, inner thighs, and upper arms that remain after major weight loss, after pregnancy, or simply occur due to ageing.

Body Contouring is most commonly performed to remove excess loose skin and fat from the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper torso, and upper arms that follow major weight loss, pregnancy, or simply occur as a result of ageing.

Removing the folds of excess skin will dramatically improve body appearances as well as deliver additional benefits such as:

  • The ability to again wear normal clothing sizes.
  • Easier walking and physical activities.
  • Improved posture.
  • Improved hygiene and comfort.
  • Relief of any back and shoulder discomfort.
  • Relief of skin rashes and skin infections under the folds of loose skin.

Which Areas Can Body Contouring Surgery Improve?

Body Contouring Surgery can dramatically improve the appearances and comfort in any of the following areas by removing the folds of excess skin remaining after major weight loss, pregnancy, or as a result of ageing.

1. Abdomen, hips, flanks, waist, lower back, upper buttocks, and upper torso by whichever of the following techniques required:

Refer our Tummy Tuck Surgery page for further details and images of each of the above techniques.

2. Upper Arms to remove loose skin and fat from the underside of the upper arms. Visit our website page ‘Arm Lift Surgery’ for further information and before/afters.

Arm Lift Surgery Sydney
  • Inner Thighs to correct loose hanging skin from the upper inner thighs. Refer our website page Thigh Lift for more detailed information.  
Thigh Lift Sydney


Thigh Lift

How Is Body Contouring Surgery Done?

All forms of Body Contouring Surgery need to be performed under General Anaesthesia and will involve a short stay in hospital.

The location of the incisions and therefore your final scars will depend on which body area the surgery is being performed. Nevertheless, our Surgeon will always attempt to locate your incisions where they can be best hidden by clothing and swimwear.

When indicated, liposuction may be added to a Body Contouring procedure to achieve an even better final result.

After the surgery, you will need to remain in hospital for a short stay. Your Surgeon will determine when you can be discharged to continue your recovery at home.

During your home recovery process, take things easy and avoid heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks.

Most patients can return to their usual daily routines after around 6 weeks, but this can vary from individual differences in healing ability.

A major improvement in appearance will be obvious immediately after your surgery. However, the healing process does take time and it may take as long as 12-18 months for your final results to fully appear.

‘Pros & Cons’ of Body Contouring Surgery

The Pros:

  • The only effective way to permanently eliminate folds of loose excess skin remaining after major weight loss.
  • Improved appearances.
  • Improved hygiene and comfort from relief of sweat and skin rashes under the folds of skin. 
  • Improved posture, easier walking and physical exercise. 
  • The ability to again wear normal clothing sizes.
  • Relief of any back and shoulder discomfort.

The Cons:

  • It is extensive surgery.
  • A short hospital stay is required.
  • The surgical scars can be extensive but our Plastic Surgeon will always try to locate the incisions where they can be best hidden by clothing and swimwear.
  • Initially, restricted movements due to the tighter skin until it relaxes.

Potential Risks & Complications of Body Contouring Surgery

Modern surgery is generally considered safe, but any surgery has potential risks, and in Body Contouring Surgery, these include:

Specific to Body Contouring Surgery:

  • Numbness around the incisions, usually temporary only.
  • Visible and prominent scars including keloid and hypertrophic scars.
  • Areas of skin that do not heal and may require a skin graft.
  • The possibility of a blood transfusion when large amounts of skin need to be removed.

General Surgical Risks:

  • Bleeding from an operated site. If heavy, it could require a blood transfusion.
  • Infection that may require treatment with antibiotics or further surgery.
  • Hematoma (a collection of blood under the skin) which if large could require a return to theatre for removal.
  • Seroma (an accumulation of fluid under the skin) may need one or more needle aspirations before it settles.
  • Slow wound healing, often related to smoking and diabetes.
  • Allergic reaction to medications, sutures, dressings, or antiseptic solutions.
  • Deep Venous Thrombosis and its potential to cause life-threatening Pulmonary Embolism.
  • Adverse Reactions to Anaesthesia or Medication: The safety of anaesthesia nowadays in Australia is well established. Nevertheless, potential risks exist with all anaesthesia and unexpected reactions can occur. These may include nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions ranging from minor to severe. Respiratory failure, heart failure, heart attack and stroke are rare but documented risks of any general anaesthesia.

Body Contouring ‘Before & After’

Body Contouring Surgery Sydney
12 Months after Body Contouring Surgery
12 Months After Full Tummy Tuck Surgery + Muscle Repair
Body Contouring Plastic Surgery
6 Months After Body Contouring Plastic Surgery
6 Months After 360° Body Lift + Muscle Repair
(Dr Sepehr Lavejardi)
Body Contouring Surgery Sydney
6 Months After Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Sydney
6 Months After After 'Fleur de Lis' Tummy Tuck Surgery
Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Sydney
4 Months After Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Sydney
4 Months After Corset Tummy Tuck Surgery + 360° Liposuction + Fat Graft to Buttocks

Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift Surgery Sydney
6 Weeks After Arm Lift Surgery Sydney
6 Weeks After Arm Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift Sydney
6 Months After Thigh Lift Sydney
6 Months After Extended Thigh Lift Following Massive Weight Loss

The Cost of Body Contouring Surgery in Sydney

  • Body Contouring Surgery

The total cost of Body Contouring Surgery in Sydney is made up of the following individual costs:

  • Surgical Fee: Impossible to indicate until you have been assessed by our Plastic Surgeon and it has been decided which procedures and techniques are required.
  • Hospital Fee: Hospitals differ in their hourly rates for Operating Theatres. Your Plastic Surgeon will advise you of the expected Theatre Fees once it has been determined which hospital you will be attending and how long your procedure will take. There will also be an additional accommodation charge for your short hospital stay.
  • Anaesthetist Fee: This will basically depend on the duration of the surgery. Anaesthetic Fees are generally around $880/hour.
  • Post-Operative Garment(s)

Can You Claim a Medicare or Private Health Insurance Rebate?

You may be eligible to claim a partial Medicare Rebate if your body changes meet Medicare’s criteria of eligibility.

If you do meet Medicare’s criteria, and you also have Private Hospital Cover, you may also be able to claim a variable portion of your Hospital Fees depending on your Fund and Level of Cover.

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