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Skin Booster Treatments

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What Will Skin Booster Treatments Do For My Skin?

Let’s face it, as we age our skin ages too. The skin becomes thinner, its structural support weakens and it becomes more fragile, duller, less hydrated and increasingly less elastic.

However, our V2 Beauty Booster treatments can make your skin look infinitely better by replacing the very ingredients that are being lost through ageing. The V2 Beauty Booster system uses a hand-held device containing a bank of ultra-fine needles to inject a high concentration of hydrating product into your skin and provide it with intensive nourishment and hydration. It will restore lost skin volume, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give it renewed radiance.

How Is It Done?

All treatments are performed by experienced cosmetic doctors only, not ‘Nurse Injectors’!

After applying an anaesthetic cream to the face, the hand-held V2 Injector Gun is used to painlessly deliver micro-injections of product directly into your skin’s dermis through a bank of 5 ultra-fine needles each time the trigger is pulled.

A full-face treatment session takes around 30-45 minutes.

To boost your skin improvement even more, we offer a complimentary LED Red Light Therapy Session valued at $99 immediately after each Skin Booster Injection Treatment. In our experience, we have found that this combination of ‘Skin Booster Injections followed immediately by LED Red Light Therapy delivers infinitely superior result than either treatment alone.

What Changes Should I Expect?

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Enhanced skin glow
  • Restoration of lost skin volume
  • Stimulation of new collagen production

When Will I See Results?

Results can be seen as soon as the skin has settled after the first treatment session.  The skin will have a better colour and it will be less creased, better hydrated and more supple.  Gradually, from one session to the next, your skin will feel firmer and your complexion will start to look increasingly radiant.

Is There Any Downtime?

Generally, your skin will settle within 24 hours after treatment and you should be able to return to work and social activities the very next day.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

  • Temporary swelling of the skin
  • Minor spots of bruising

What Is The Treatment Plan?

For the best possible results in terms of skin improvement and longer-lasting benefits, the recommended treatment protocol is:

  • Initially: 3 sessions at 4-weekly intervals
  • Maintenance: 1 session every 4 months

The Cost of Skin Booster Injections

  • V2 Skin Booster Injections
AreaPer Single TreatmentAs A Package of 3 (T&C’s Apply*)
Full Face (3ml x1)$990$2,805 (save $165)
Neck (3ml x1)$990$2,805 (save $165)
Décolletage (3ml x1)$990$2,805 (save $165)
Hands (3ml x1)$990$2,805 (save $165)
One area (1ml x 1)$616$1750 (save $98)

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Non-Refundable & Not Transferable
  • 6-month expiry from date of purchase

To enhance your skin’s improvement even more, we offer after each V2 Beauty Booster Treatment, a COMPLIMENTARY Red LED Light Phototherapy Session valued at $99.

Our Cosmetic Doctors

Terms & Conditions

  • Consultations must be pre-paid at time of booking.
  • Once pre-paid, all consultations are non-refundable and non-transferable but can be moved to another date with at least 3 working days’ notice.
  • Cancellations with less than 3 working days’ notice and ‘no shows’ are not refundable or transferable and will incur a new consultation fee to re-book.
  • All payments by Credit Card & Debit Card attract a 0.3% surcharge and Amex a 1.5% surcharge.
  • The Medical Board of Australia’s new Regulations which came into effect on 1 July 2023 require that:
    • All patients seeking a consultation regarding cosmetic surgery must provide a referral and the referral must be from a GP or other specialist who does not perform cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic services themselves.
    • If a patient arrives without a referral, the Regulations recommend that the doctor should refrain from seeing the patient – in which event, any pre-paid consultation fee would be lost.

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