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Lip Filler

Your complete guide and quick links to everything you want to know about Lip Filler in Sydney!

Our Customised Approach To Lip Augmentation

Full, plump lips are considered attractive and sensual, and for this reason, a well-performed Lip Augmentation has become such a popular procedure.

If you are looking to add volume to your lips but still have them look natural and not grossly out of proportion with the rest of your face, rest assured you’re looking at the right clinic!

All our Lip Augmentations are customised to precisely how the patient wants their lips to finally look, and all treatments are performed by experienced Cosmetic Doctors only. We do not have Nurse Injectors!

While everyone’s lip shape is slightly different, our customised approach allows us to both modify shape as well as enhance what is already there. 

Our reputation for creating ‘Beautiful Lips’ has come about from years of performing thousands of lip augmentations using either of our two essentially pain-free techniques: 

  1. Our Needle Technique under Local Anaesthesia; and 
  2. Our Special Cannula Technique which dramatically reduces the chances of ‘lumpy’ lips and bruising! 

How We Create Beautiful Lips!

Bear in mind that any injector can create bigger lips. However, bigger lips alone are not necessarily beautiful lips. For lips to look beautiful, they need to have shape, definition and proportion – not just volume – and this only comes from an experienced Injector.

Step 1: We make your treatment as painless as possible 

Regardless of whether you choose to have your lips injected with a needle or a cannula, our first consideration is always making your procedure as painless as possible by using either of the following ‘numbing’ techniques prior to injection: 

  • A local anaesthetic ‘nerve block’ similar to a dental block; OR  
  • If you prefer to not have a ‘nerve block’, our doctor can instead apply a custom-formulated local anaesthetic cream. 

Step 2: Injecting the Lip Filler 

Rest assured, we do not inject every patient the same way. Instead, our doctor will work with you to plan, customise, and deliver the very look you’re after. Our doctor will always ask you to describe exactly how you want your lips to look before any treatment is started, and even during the procedure our doctor will hand you a mirror and keep inviting your feedback so that we can deliver the exact ‘look’ you’re after. 

The above aside, we will use either of the following two injecting techniques depending on your specific lip anatomy as well as the ‘look’ you’re after.

These two methods are:

1. The Needle Technique
The Needle Technique of Lip Filler Injection
Lip Injection By Needle

Using a very fine needle, the Lip Filler is injected precisely where it needs to be in order to achieve the exact ‘look’ and shape you’re after.  Although more likely to cause some minor bruising because of the sharp needle tip and high vascularity of the lips, the Needle Technique does allow greater flexibility to accentuate and change the shape of specific areas of the lips than does the Cannula Technique.

2. The Cannula Technique

In contrast, the Cannula Technique uses a blunt-tipped ultra-fine cannula instead of a sharp needle to inject via a tiny entry point in the skin at each corner of the mouth, thereby avoiding any piercing of the actual lip surfaces. 

The benefits of the Cannula Technique are:

  • IT DRAMATICALLY REDUCES THE CHANCES OF BRUISING  because the cannula tip is rounded, not sharp like an injecting needle, and therefore is much less likely to tear the tiny blood vessels in the lips and cause bruising.
  • NO PART OF YOUR LIP SURFACE IS PIERCED. Instead, the cannula is introduced through one tiny entry point in the skin at each corner of the mouth and both upper and lower lips can be accessed through this single entry point.
The Cannula Technique
The Cannula Technique of Lip Augmentation
  • IT INCREASES LIP VOLUME BY DEPOSITING FINE ‘THREADS’ OF LIP FILLER, NOT ‘CLUMPS’ OF FILLER LIKE A NEEDLE, and thereby will deliver a smoother result. However, this technique is more suitable for lips that are already well-shaped and simply need extra volume. If your lips also need a change of shape, you may be better suited to the Needle Technique.

Step 3: Final Adjustments & After-Care

  • During your treatment, our doctor will hand you a mirror and invite your feedback as to whether you are happy with the look of your lips or want any particular parts further enhanced.
  • Mild temporary swelling of the lips immediately after treatment is to be expected. This usually lasts for only 3-4 days but in some it can take around a week to completely settle. Frequent applications of ice to the lips at home over the following days will settle this swelling sooner. 
  • Over the next 7 days, patients should avoid any strong pressure on the lips such as biting down on hard food items (e.g. apples), applications of lipstick with pressure, and passionate kissing to avoid displacing the Lip Filler before it has fully integrated with you lip tissues.

'Before & After' Gallery​

Before Lip Augmentation
1 Week After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment
Before Lip Augmentation
Immediately After Treatment

How Long Will My Lip Filler Last?

The average duration of correction is 6-9 months. In any event, a top-up can be performed whenever desired.

When Is Lip Filler Contra-Indicated?

  • In the presence of any active skin infection (e.g. ‘cold sores’ or acne lesions) adjacent to the lips.
  • During pregnancy or lactation. 

Potential Risks and Complications of Lip Augmentation

As with any cosmetic medical procedure, risks and potential complications do exist but they are fortunately not common. They include:

  • Bruising
  • Lumpiness
  • Asymmetry
  • Inadvertent intravascular injection into a labial blood vessel causing blockage of the vessel and potential necrosis of the skin and lip area supplied by that blood vessel.

The Cost of Lip Augmentation

This will basically depend on your choices of product and injection technique.

At your consultation, our doctor will give you an exact costing prior to any treatment being commenced. 

Can I Claim a Medicare or Private Health Insurance Rebate?

Unfortunately, NO.

No cosmetic treatments can be claimed on Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

Our Cosmetic Doctors

Our Consumer Awareness Guide – A MUST READ!


With Lip Augmentation being such a popular procedure, it is no surprise that more and more Doctors and ever-increasing numbers of Nurses are entering the market to offer this treatment. So, before you decide who should inject your lips, consider each of the following:

1. The experience of your Injector is paramount. 

Anyone can inject your lips but it’s knowledge and experience that will dictate how much, and exactly where, the lips need to be enhanced to deliver your desired ‘look’.

2. Increasing numbers of ‘Nurse Injector’ clinics are appearing.

Nurses are admirable and skilled individuals within their own profession but unfortunately, their training to become a Registered Nurse does not teach the detailed facial anatomy which we believe is essential for patient safety. For that reason, we remain a ‘DOCTOR-ONLY’ CLINIC.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY NURSE TO INJECT YOUR LIPS UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN FIRST ASSESSED BY A DOCTOR. Unfortunately for patients, some non-medical clinics circumvent these regulations by performing Skype consultations with a doctor away from the premises to assess the patient’s suitability and then authorise the nurse to perform the treatment. Such consultations are never as reliable as a detailed face-to-face assessment in person by the doctor.

3. Your treatments should be essentially pain-free.

Please note that Nurses are NOT permitted by law to inject local anaesthetics, so without local anaesthesia, your treatment could prove quite uncomfortable.

4. Your Injector should be able to offer both Needle and Cannula Techniques. 

However, the Cannula Technique can only be performed by a doctor because the technique requires a local anaesthetic to be injected at the corners of the mouth, and Nurses are not allowed to inject local anaesthetics.

5. Don’t choose your Injector purely on price .

Going for the cheapest quote is not the wisest approach. Experienced doctors may charge slightly more but this is usually a reflection of their skill and experience. And it’s skill and experience that sets one result apart from another!

6. Make sure the product being offered is genuine. 

There have been warnings and reports of serious complications from cheap, counterfeit Lip Fillers illegally imported from overseas. The packaging may suggest it is genuine, but it could just be a clever copy and contain impurities capable of causing serious complications. The safest approach is to only go to reputable clinics and not be tempted by cheap injectable ‘deals’ which could reflect a product illegally imported and potentially unsafe.

Remember, YOU are the consumer, YOU are spending your hard-earned dollars and you deserve the highest professional standards and the best possible results for your money. Don’t accept anything less!

Terms & Conditions

  • Consultations must be pre-paid at time of booking.
  • Once pre-paid, all consultations are non-refundable and non-transferable but can be moved to another date with at least 3 working days’ notice.
  • Cancellations with less than 3 working days’ notice and ‘no shows’ are not refundable or transferable and will incur a new consultation fee to re-book.
  • All payments by Credit Card & Debit Card attract a 0.3% surcharge and Amex a 1.5% surcharge.
  • The Medical Board of Australia’s new Regulations which came into effect on 1 July 2023 require that:
    • All patients seeking a consultation regarding cosmetic surgery must provide a referral and the referral must be from a GP or other specialist who does not perform cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic services themselves.
    • If a patient arrives without a referral, the Regulations recommend that the doctor should refrain from seeing the patient – in which event, any pre-paid consultation fee would be lost.

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